Benefits for People We Serve

Long Term Work Experience
Unlike many short-term job placements that are here today and gone tomorrow, the procurement of commodities and services with local businesses provides long-term, stable employment for people with severe disabilities.

Attainment of Marketable Job Skills
Through the vocational training and employment programs, people with severe disabilities have a chance to develop job skills that offer opportunities for individual advancement. By expanding their scope of experience, and enhancing their abilities, some workers with disabilities are able to tackle new assignments at increasingly higher levels of difficulty. This experience prepares them for a wider variety of jobs, either within Opportunity Village Employment Resource Center or at a variety of jobs in the community.

Increased Independence
Many of the people served by Opportunity Village live either with their families or in supported living arrangements in the community. Most of the income received from disability insurance goes for basic room and board costs, meaning the income earned while working on contracts at Opportunity Village is often their only source of disposable income.

Increased Self-Esteem
People with severe disabilities are human beings, just like you and me, and they want to live as normal a life as possible. Most adults usually go to work, but the unemployment rate for people with disabilities continuously exceeds 60 percent. These wonderful people are just as proud and dedicated to their jobs at Opportunity Village as any Fortune 500 CEO is of theirs.


Benefits for the
people we serve
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Benefits for the community
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Our senior staff & board
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