Legacy Society

Have you considered a planned gift for Opportunity Village

Naming Opportunity Village in your will or as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy ensures that our important work will go on. The benefits of planned giving to both you and Opportunity Village are enormous and encouraged by the Federal government by offering income tax and estate tax advantages to donors.

Providing for the needs of your loved ones should always be first and foremost in your plans and making a Legacy gift should not substantially alter their well being. However, good estate planning will help you minimize the estate taxes that must be paid and preserve a larger proportion of your estate for your heirs. Charitable bequests in your will or trust will reduce estate taxes.

Legacy gift techniques typically used to provide for Opportunity Village include bequests in wills or trusts, creation of a charitable trust or foundation, with Opportunity Village as a designated beneficiary, or by including Opportunity Village as a named beneficiary of life insurance proceeds. Legacy gifts are generally made by those who support Opportunity Village during their lifetime and wish to continue that support after death.

When planning your estate we recommend that you seek the advice of an Estate Planning Attorney or your financial advisor.

If you have already made provision for Opportunity Village in your estate plan, please complete and return the Certificate of Qualification. In acknowledgment of your commitment to people with disabilities, we will make you a member of our Legacy Society.

If you check the box for no publicity, you will be listed as anonymous in any public statement about the Opportunity Village Legacy Society, but will be included in any VIP benefits.

Legacy Society Member Form
Legacy Society Supplement Form

To discuss planned giving or becoming a member of the Opportunity Village Legacy Society, call Cary Harned at (702) 259-3741 or e-mail at [email protected]


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