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Opportunity Village Puppet Parade January 19, 2016 11:48

Sponsor a school at Cheyenne's Magical School Bus Tours - Learn more at January 19, 2016 11:48

Things tend to get a little spooky at HallOVeen in the Magical Forest - be careful of Zombies! January 19, 2016 11:47

Join a sea of 10,000 plus Santas at the Las Vegas Great Santa Run April 01, 2015 15:42

Enjoy some 'spirits' at HallOVino - Opportunity Village's 2nd Annual Wine Tasting Event at HallOVeen April 01, 2015 15:42

Carlos Santana with the OVertones April 01, 2015 15:41

OVIPs enjoying the Starlight Ball April 01, 2015 15:40

At HallOVeen even OVie Bear & Honey get into the Halloween spirit! April 01, 2015 15:40

Mission Statement April 01, 2015 15:25

Opportunity Village is a not-for-profit organization serving children and adults in the southern Nevada community with intellectual disabilities, to enhance their lives and the lives of the families who love them.

OVIPs love to get creative in the Opportunity Village Art Room April 01, 2015 15:16