Family and Friends


We are a group of parents, relatives, caregivers, and friends of people who experience the world differently.  Their differences revolve around their disabilities that may include physical, intellectual, emotional and overall challenges in development.

We work to help keep them safe, advocate for their wants and needs and provide regular reminders to educators, community members, employers and service providers that they are people first and foremost and individuals deserving of the opportunities to grow and enjoy life.


To be a resource to Opportunity Village and our community through education and support that enhances the knowledge base around people with disabilities and the mindset that every individual deserves equal opportunities to live, work, learn, and socialize in places of their choosing.


  • Direct families and friends of people with disabilities to community resources that address specific individual and family needs
  • Provide support by making ourselves available to assist families in ways that could expedite getting the necessary resources in place
  • Provide families education around local community, city and state mechanisms that influence funding for services to people living with disabilities
  • Be a visible presence, offering our experience and regular hours as volunteers to programs and events at various campuses that comprise Opportunity Village
  • Promote and make ourselves available as a collective source of knowledge for purposes of family support, staff education and modeling
  • Organize and engage in regular community outreach activities that may increase group membership while also educating others to the potential that lies within many people with disabilities to work, socialize and enjoy a full family and community life
  • Maintain meaningful engagement with all levels of staff and management by offering means by which our group might more effectively integrate and contribute to the very fabric of what makes Opportunity Village great