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Construction Slated To Start January 2019

General Overview

West Oakey Campus History
Construction & Relocation Timeline
Program & Department Relocation Plan
Resources & Additional Information

General Overview

The time has finally arrived! The much anticipated and needed renovation to the West Oakey Campus of Opportunity Village is set to begin soon. We are excited to Revive & Renew the campus, and eager to witness the positive impact the changes made will have on the individuals who work and attend programs here.

Rest assured, we care about all individuals who work and receive services here. Every effort will be made to minimize the impact renovation has on each person, as well as any interruptions to the programs, job training and work programs we provide. 

All programs currently offered at the West Oakey Campus will continue through the renovation process, and may be moved to a temporary site to accommodate construction. Opportunity Village will continue to provide the same high-quality staff support, safety measures and quality programming that you expect.

West Oakey Campus History

Opportunity Village's West Oakey Campus was completed in 1990 and has served thousands of clients over the last 28 years. In addition to providing clients with career and life skills, the West Oakey Campus is also home to numerous remarkable fundraising events, including the beloved Magical Forest.

Now it is time to update and expand according to the needs of the people Opportunity Village serves and focus on the programs provided. Additionally, thought has been put into efforts that will help make events held at the West Oakey Campus more successful.

With comprehensive and thoughtful design, the campus renewal will fulfill current and future client needs for the most up-to-date job training, therapeutic habilitation and creative endeavors, while readying the space for future fundraising efforts.

Construction & Relocation Timeline

Construction will tentatively occur from February 2019 through August 2019.

Any program relocation will occur prior to the start of construction and without any missed program days. Once construction is complete, the clients and staff temporarily relocated will return to their updated rooms.

Program & Department Relocation Plan

The West Oakey Campus P.R.I.D.E. and Enable Programs will be temporarily relocated to the multipurpose room in the Oakey Campus Wilson Building. The relocation will take place mid-January 2019. The temporary location will include all necessary features to maintain quality of care, including: program areas, restrooms, nursing station, changing and shower rooms, and all necessary program equipment and materials.

The same team of direct care staff, case manager, nurses, and management will be in place to ensure that plans, goals, and interests are supported according to each individual's needs. All necessary clinical supports/procedures will continue and regularly scheduled enrichment offerings like Zumba, comfort pets and volunteer facilitated activities will continue.

Access for all private, RTC Paratransit and other transportation arrangements will be relocated to the Magical Forest entrance, closest to the Wilson Building. There will be a barricade wall installed to separate construction from the program areas for safety. Staff parking for these programs will remain unchanged.

The West Oakey Campus ERC will be temporarily relocated to our North Campus and our Engelstad Campus. The Opportunity Village Thrift Store will also be an option for those that seek to gain experience in the retail environment.

Clients will be given options based on their needs and proximity to home.

The Opportunity Village Human Resource Offices will be divided between the Engelstad Campus and the Wilson Building at the West Oakey Campus. Resource Development, Marketing and the Job Development Program will not be relocated.

What if you believe your loved one will have a difficult time transitioning to a new space. You might be wondering how will they be supported during the transition? Staff members in each area will provide information to clients regarding any changes that accompany the renovation, prior to the event, to help prepare each person receiving services for what is to come. Additional personalized supports will be provided by staff members, according to the needs of each individual.

Resources & Additional Information

The next meeting for individuals, families and caregivers is being scheduled.

Meetings will have Opportunity Village Management on hand to answer questions. For questions, please contact Charles Walker at (702) 880-4033.

Additional Town Hall meetings will be scheduled in the future.

For more information:
For Clients & Caregivers
For Volunteers
For Opportunity Village Staff


Do you have questions not answered here? Please email or call (702) 998-9733.