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Fine and Performing Arts Program

The Fine and Performing Arts Program serves individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in music, dance, theater and visual art. The program was designed to increase individual’s awareness of the arts, support their creative passions and offer individualized and group training. The program was also designed to promote self-expression, social interaction and the development of peer relationships. Participants have the opportunity to showcase their visual artwork for exhibition and sale, and to perform on the stage at Opportunity Village and community events throughout the year.

The program currently offers two designated tracks of programming: enrichment and education. The enrichment schedule offers a rotation of activities-based classes in all areas of the arts: dance, music, theater and visual art two times a week. This track is for individuals looking to gain exposure to the arts, and can be used as an introduction and assessment for future FPA classes. The education track occurs Tuesdays-Thursdays, and is a more focused curriculum-based schedule. This track is for individuals who are committed to working in a disciplined area of performing arts or visual arts. Class schedules are created on an individual basis, with new class offerings every six months. 


The Fine Art Program is a progressive visual arts program that encourages artists with intellectual and related disabilities to discover their artistic talents, refine their techniques or learn new ones through an individualized artistic process. In the studio, each artist maintains a professional studio practice as working artists, building a body of work for exhibition and sale. The program offers a wide variety of media including paper, canvas, wood panels, 2D and 3D projects with polymer clay, glass mosaics and fiber arts. Artists receive a commission for their works, if sold. The Fine Art Program is the largest, most progressive fine arts program available in Nevada.




The music program features a multitude of musical and performance opportunities, including a stage choir, and a performance band suitably named, The OVertones. Music Mentors utilize Orff, Suzuki, and Kodaly techniques in instruction.  Group classes are offered in Percussion, Orff instruments, Recorder, Ukulele, vocals, etc.


The dance program introduces ballet, jazz, tap, creative movement, adaptive dance, hip hop, Zumba, and other traditional styles of dance. The program is not only an excellent form of artistic expression, but also creates great muscle strength, posture, balance, and provides a fun form of exercise. Individuals learn proper body alignment, balance, and technique while in a fun environment. Instruction on dance positions, basic steps, combinations, choreography and floor work are implemented in each class. Classes promote body and spatial awareness, teamwork, self-control and creativity.   


The theatre program offers training in various acting methods, character building, line memorization, script writing, improvisation and performance skills. Self-enrichment activities are taught to promote response, focus, memorization, eye contact and team building. Performance opportunities are provided to participants in this program.  


Here at Opportunity Village we rely heavily on the support we receive through grant programs. Organizations listed below have been huge supporters of the Opportunity Village Fine & Performing Arts Program.