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Opportunity Village recently launched NOVA, which stands for New Opportunities for Visionary Arts. NOVA is based on the Creative Abundance model, a collaboration with the community through financial support, mentorships, volunteerism- it's a game-changing model for creative choice, financial independence and community connection. Their vision is to turn their Oakey campus into the very epicenter of a movement that inspired and motivates the people they serve to explore and expand their individual through artistic discovery. 

Three major tenets of NOVA are inclusion, acceptance and freedom of expression. We feel that absolutely everyone is creative in one way or another, and just need to be given the opportunity to let their creative juices flow. In this spirit, our NOVA mentors give the individuals with intellectual disabilities we serve the tools they need to begin their creative exploration. 

Previously, many of the Opportunity Village clients in NOVA never earned a paycheck in their entire lives. But when these collaborative pieces of art sell, they will receive their fair percentage of the purchase price. With the advent of NOVA, all individuals served will have an opportunity to be fulfilled, tax-paying citizens who experience pride, purpose and a paycheck because of Opportunity Village's dedicated, caring and committed team and supporters.