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PaperPros Facility


The Opportunity Village PaperPros state-of-the-art facility echoes our commitment to upholding the strictest security procedures at each step of the custody chain, featuring more than 30 cameras recording all on-site activities 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with footage archived for 90 days. Your documents - whether arriving via one of our GPS-tracked and real-time monitored trucks or following your in-person drop-off - make their way to our industrial shredding machine or are scanned by individuals vetted with drug testing and federal background checks in accordance with NRS, HIPAA Compliant and NAID AAA Certification protocols. Rest assured: Your Opportunity Village PaperPros experience is a confidential one from start to finish, as protecting and safely destroying your sensitive information is our express priority.  

"Green" benefits are aplenty at our facility, too, with a plant-based shredding method that repurposes your documents to the full extent. Once received, our team divvies paper into black, white and color pipelines in preparation for transfer to the pulping mill. This meticulous and careful sorting ensures complete recyclability, reducing your carbon footprint and environmental impact.