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In 1991 and 1992, Opportunity Village’s first Employment Resource Center campus was built and opened. It was far ahead of its time and purpose with its state-of-the-art design, perfectly placed program spaces and an employment resource training center that could accommodate more than 200 people with disabilities. Shortly thereafter, the Magical Forest joined the campus’ acreage where large public fundraising events could be held. It was a perfect match!

Time has flown by and today the campus - our mothership - is in need of revitalization. The West Oakey Revive & Renew Project has been designed and we, the Board of Directors, executives and staff have committed ourselves to raising $21 million to completely upgrade and expand the campus in order to ensure that the people we serve every day have the best environment, tools, programs and services available. These include a dedicated transportation hub providing a safe and accessible area for arrivals and departures, redesigned program spaces to help people acquire more advanced work skills and important skills.

We have also committed to designs, equipment and infrastructure that technologically will be germane for years to come including the new Multipurpose Center. There is more to the Revive & Renew project; we are the home of the Magical Forest, HallOVeen and Camelot. The campus plays a vital role in raising desperately needed funds for programs, services and general operations. [Remember, OV is 70-75% self-funded and events like these raise very significant dollars to help pay the costs we incur serving people with severe disabilities, and we provide our services and programs at no cost to the individual or to the individual’s family].

To date, Opportunity Village’s campaign group has raised $7+ million through the leadership and generosity of local citizens and companies. Please consider making a contribution to the Revive & Renew project. Every dollar you invest is a dollar invested in people who want nothing more than a hand up to be no different than you and me.

Click Here To Donate and be sure to select "The West Oakey Revive & Renew Project" on the drop down menu.

We will continue to update this page to indicate dollars raised, ground-breaking, construction and campus opening dates so you can come and celebrate with us on these extraordinary days!

Questions? Contact Vice President of Philanthropy Adam Joseph at