The Village Residences

As one of the nation’s premier providers of services and programs for people with intellectual disabilities, Opportunity Village has taken the challenge to build and operate a world-class living environment … The Village.

Currently there are approximately 147 group homes in Clark County, Nevada; too few to meet the growing demand. Citizens with disabilities are, for the first time in history, outliving their parents and family members. The implications are staggering, but a common question from parents is “When I am gone, where will my child go and who will care for them?” The Village provides the perfect answer to that question.

The Village will be built on approximately 6.5 acres of land adjacent to Opportunity Village’s Engelstad Campus. It will be the ultimate live, work, play, learn and create environment for people with intellectual disabilities. The Village will promote an active lifestyle where residents will be close to work, community resources, peers, family and friends. The Village community will be the first of its kind in Nevada.

The Village will be a place where everyone knows everyone else and where individuals with disabilities can become the best they can be. The Village will be centrally located with easy access to freeways and major cross streets. Because of the location, residents, families and friends will be able to safely take advantage of on-site special events and celebrations in the community, art and performance programs, sporting events, dining and church and other places of worship. Public transportation is readily available.

The Village will have a contemporary desert design and will be built to accommodate the needs of the residents in different living models. Each resident will have a private bedroom with ensuite baths. There will be family style space and private areas for visits.

The Village residences will be staffed by highly trained professionals that will be knowledgeable about each resident. Each resident will have an annual Person-centered Support Plan that will outline supports as well as desired outcomes for each person to achieve. All staff will receive on-going development training including updates as requirements in individual resident care change.

We have begun raising funds to begin construction of The Village. With your contribution, we can help people with intellectual disabilities lead richer lives filled with happiness, accomplishment, pride and purpose.


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