Discover all the different careers Opportunity Village has to offer with this series of in-depth profession overviews. 

Meet Antonio M., Magical Forest Supervisor

In this series of "Day in the Life of ____", we will be highlighting the various professions Opportunity Village has to offer. This feature is focused on the role of Magical Forest Supervisor.

What led you to OV/your current position? 

My wife and children have always loved visiting OV during the holiday season. I can recall how all their faces would light up whenever we came to visit the Magical Forest. After many years of being a guest and learning the great programs that this wonderful non-profit was providing to the people we serve, I knew I had to be a part of something so great. I originally started as a seasonal laborer in the Magical Forest and thought that maybe I will come back again the following season. However, I was hired full-time as a Maintenance Technician in Facilities. With that role, I was able to become familiar with all the sites and I met so many great people from staff to the people that we serve. I made so many connections throughout the organization and that was such a great opportunity within itself. However, my heart always remained with that feeling of seeing someone's face light up when they visited HallOVeen or Magical Forest and I knew I wanted to make my way back to my original role in some shape or fashion.

Now I am the Magical Forest Supervisor, and I can now assist with bringing pure happiness to many when visiting OV.

What does a typical day look like for you?

With one of our busiest times of the year approaching (HallOVeen and Magical Forest), my typical day has many moving parts. My workday begins usually at 6:00 am and I have approximately an hour to reply to emails, create my team task list, and put together any supplies that may be needed for our projects at hand. Once the sun is completely up I have no time to rest. From building the haunted houses, assembling the ride attractions, loading/unloading donations, working with volunteers, or installing 1,000’s of lights throughout the forest. My team and I are constantly moving.

What is the most exciting part of your job?

The short answer honestly would have to be seeing the smiles on all of the children, people served, and community faces. My team and I sometimes feel the pressure of wanting things to be perfect, and when those gates open up for those few hours every evening you know the pressure was all worth it.

Who inspires you?

The community that we serve truly inspires me. So many of the people served have become a big part of my daily routine and to know that the fundraiser's donations go back 100% into the programs to keep them working and accomplishing their dreams makes me never want to stop fighting the good fight.

What is your favorite thing to do when you're not working? 

I love to watch football (go Patriots!), have movie nights with my wife and daughters, and travel.

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