Program Services Celebrates Art Mentor, Heather Pyle 


Since November 19, staff has been asked to produce 2 lessons a week for the VIA Website. To date that should be approximately 10 total lessons per staff. Heather has produced 30, the amount. … A total!

Despite an aversion to using technology, something she admits isn’t a strong point for her, she still shows a willingness to learn how to use the equipment for recording instructional videos.  Even with that, she still produces quality content and reaches her goals before any deadline has expired.

Heather is constantly looking for new ways of constructing art to share with those we serve. Lately, it’s been a creative use of excess cardboard to create 3D animals and other objects for the artists to build and paint.

When OV first reopened Heather was very instrumental in teaching staff how to sew masks when we needed them, and herself produced them by the hundreds!

She can be counted on to complete any last-minute asks and does so efficiently, including asks from other departments such as Foundation.

When other staff members are on PTO, she makes sure that their classes are covered with meaningful content, even stepping in to teach music, as well as learning the technology needed.

In short, she does more than what she is expected to do, and ALWAYS goes the extra mile and makes the best and most productive use of her time! She is constantly looking forward, and always makes sure she is providing content that all can enjoy and benefit from!

Thank you for all you do Heather!