Betty’s Village Acceptance News is Met with Confetti Cannons, Cheers, and (Happy) Tears. 

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LAS VEGAS – The inaugural residents of the new inclusive community in Las Vegas, Betty’s Village, have been accepted into their future homes in a special way. Rhiannon Moccio, Betty’s Village Residential Services Manager, joined by Marcus Weathersby, Betty’s Village Life Enrichment Coordinator, presented future residents and their families with formal acceptance letters celebrated with confetti cannons, cheers and (happy) tears.

Betty’s Village is a welcoming and inclusive community for people of all abilities designed for independent and semi-independent living. 

“Betty’s Village will provide so many vital support services for people of diverse abilities in Southern Nevada,” said Kris Engelstad McGarry, Trustee of the Engelstad Foundation. “To see my mother’s name on this facility is truly special, and honors our family’s longtime partnership with our friends at Opportunity Village. I know my mom is proud and excited to see the community come to life.”

“It is very exciting! This is something we have heard about for many, many years and it has finally come to fruition and we are excited that Blake has been chosen,” said Patty R., mother of Blake R., future Betty’s Village resident.

For many family members of future residents, Betty’s Village provides a peace of mind that they will have a safe community to live.

“I am so relieved. This is the first place I would consider my son living without me,” said Reigna G. mother of Corey B., future Betty’s Village resident. “He has wanted independent living for about 10 years.”

“Talking about it is actually one thing I think actually doing it is another thing” said Cory B., future Betty’s Village resident.  “Whoa, I can’t believe it’s happening… crazy.”

“My biggest concern has always been what is going to happen someday when I am no longer around to help her and to know that she will be in a place where she is going to be happy and she is going to be surrounded by people that love her is just so heartwarming to me to know that,” said Sherry A., mother of Kristin A., future Betty’s Village resident. “I am just so grateful to the Engelstad Foundation and to Opportunity Village for everything that they do for Kristin.”

Betty’s Village will feature 63 one-bedroom residences including 37 ground floor units, 16 townhome-style units, and 10 second floor units; 5 two-bedroom ground floor residences; and 2 four-bedroom single story residences.

Prospective residents go through a formal application process to become a resident at Betty’s Village through Stout Property Management.

All ground floor units are wheelchair accessible, 6 units will be fully ADA accessible and include pulldown countertops and side opening appliances. All residences will include Cox Homelife Automation, as well as the company’s Gigablast internet, telephone and cable. A longstanding supporter of Opportunity Village, Cox’s partnership will enable each resident of Betty’s Village to tailor technology to meet his or her diverse needs.  

Support services may be necessary to many residents of Betty’s Village to ensure their ability to live as independently as possible. Opportunity Village will only act as the property owner of Betty’s Village and will not provide any direct residential support services. Each resident requiring residential supports will choose their provider of services. Residents will arrange residential Supported Living Arrangement Services through Desert Regional Center.  Residents may privately pay for support services.

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