Chief Financial Officer

Scott Edgeworth, CPA, will oversee all Finance, Compliance and Accounting functions, as well as Purchasing and Information Technology at Opportunity Village.

For over 20 years, Edgeworth has led financial and operational teams and functions in various industries, such as public accounting, financial services, gaming and manufacturing. He has developed and executed successful business plans through leadership collaboration and by creating alignment throughout organizations. He is an innovative problem solver who embraces process improvement principles and believes in transparency and accountability in order to deliver measurable and effective results.

His passion for positive culture and leading change management is in perfect alignment with the evolution and growth of Opportunity Village. Edgeworth lives in Las Vegas with his wife of twenty years, Becky, and their sons. He has served the Las Vegas community as an active volunteer for the Boy Scouts of America, in which all four of his sons participate, and has a history of lending his time and energy to vulnerable communities, where his Spanish fluency has been a major asset.