• a person in a red shirt standing at a retail display shelf with the words 'best workforce development services, best of las vegas silver winner' on the image
    Best of Las Vegas: Award-Winning Workforce Development Program

    Which Workforce Development program was named voted silver in Best of Las Vegas for 2023? You guessed correctly - it was Opportunity Village's! We’re honored to have won silver in a contest with 9.9 million voters behind it. To that

  • image of hands holding a blue and yellow heart shaped object and the text 'opportunity village 7 things you may not know about down syndrome'.
    7 Things You May Not Know About Down Syndrome

    Down syndrome is the most common chromosomal condition, but many myths remain. This article shares 7 Down syndrome facts you may not know — from what causes it to advances that have led to better lifelong outcomes. You'll also discover

  • Group of people standing behind a sign that reads 'best nonprofit organization, best of las vegas, gold winner'
    Best of Las Vegas: Opportunity Village at 70

    Guess who was named Best Nonprofit in Las Vegas for 2024? That's right — it's us! We’re honored to have won the top spot in a contest with 9.9 million votes behind it. So we’ve compiled a quick rundown

  • photo of four hands holding each other with the text 'tips for maintain caregiver wellness' printed above them
    11 Tips For Maintaining Caregiver Wellness

    Caregivers have such an important role in society, and they make a true difference in the world around them every day. While rewarding, caregiving is incredibly hard work, and it’s easy for a caregiver to prioritize others so deeply that

  • text 'coping techniques for adhd. Helpful tips for daily use! from Opportunity Village' on a blue and yellow background
    6 ADHD Coping Strategies for Adults

    According to Dr. Russell Ramsay in Psychology Today, adult ADHD is an experience of being near-constantly misunderstood. It makes small tasks feel insurmountable, it comes with feelings of guilt, and it can even take the joy out of the things

  • person holding marker to glass and writing the word 'tips for working with dyslexia'
    5 Practical Tips for Success in Work and Everyday Life for Adults with Dyslexia

    Dyslexia is a language-based (reading and writing) learning disability that could affect as many as 15 to 20% of Americans. Symptoms differ by age, and dyslexia tips for adults will differ from those offered to children with a recent diagnosis.

  • person walking on a curb next to a road with the text 'dyspraxia strategies for adults' in the foreground
    Helpful Dyspraxia Strategies for Adults

    Dyspraxia is a neurological disorder that can affect a great deal for adults and young people with disabilities from fine motor skills to information processing. While the disorder is not curable, there are various therapies and treatment options for these

  • photo of someone writing in a notebook with the text '5 signs of dysgraphia' above the image.
    5 Signs of Dysgraphia and How to Get Help

    Dysgraphia is a learning disability that affects your writing abilities. It can interfere with everything from handwriting to spelling and organization of written work. A 2011 study estimated 10-30% of children experience difficulty with writing, though a 2020 study found

  • group of people dressed in white suits on stage with their backs towards the audience with a neon sign spelling 'elvis' in the background
    Opportunity Village and The Elvis Connection

    Las Vegas Elvis impersonators are a big part of the fun of Las Vegas culture, and Opportunity Village is no exception. Elvis Presley had a challenging, transformative, and ultimately iconic relationship with Las Vegas that has since weaved its way