Opportunity Village’s Rag Reclamation initiated through a brainstorming session between Opportunity Village and Venetian executives.

Our team discovered that the hotel property spent around $200,000 annually to purchase rags. One of our executives asked if instead, they could send their worn linens and towels to OV and we would cut them down into smaller, rag-sized pieces, hemmed at the edges with different color thread to differentiate between in-house departments (i.e. red edges for janitorial, blue edges for culinary, etc.).

We now save several well-known strip resorts thousands upon thousands of dollars annually. And best of all, our seamstresses proudly earn paychecks for their hard work.

The Rag Reclamation program is a comprehensive service package offered to provide our customers with a philanthropically generous and environmentally responsible means by which to dispose of unwanted linens.

The program includes the following elements:

  • Repurposing
    Linens and towels not in usable condition but suitable for repurposing are cut into rags, hemmed according to your color specifications and available for purchase.
  • Recycling
    Linens and towels which are not suitable for either of the foregoing, as well as trimmings, are bundled for craft projects and either used within Opportunity Village or made available to schools and other benevolent causes. As a last resort, waste is processed for recycling, diverting tons of fabric from landfills.
  • Recovery and Sorting
    Linens and towels in usable condition are recovered and sold in support of Opportunity Village or donated to other charities that provide for people in need of household items.

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