Opportunity Village Northwest Community Campus and Residential Project

A new inclusive community for people of diverse abilities, coming soon

Opportunity Village’s first residential community for people of diverse abilities, Betty’s Village, was filled to capacity within five months of opening in June 2021. The new community would help relieve the current waiting list of hundreds of people. Since moving in, Betty’s Village residents have seen marked impacts on their quality of life, including increased socialization, safety, and educational opportunities. It also gives families peace of mind, answering the question of who will care for your child when you’re not able.

The Northwest Residential project will be located at intersection of North Thom and Rome boulevards, just off North Decatur Blvd. and the I-215. It’s expected to break ground in spring 2024, then take between 18 months to two years to complete. The full, 17.6-acre Northwest Community Center and Residential project has an estimated project cost of $53 million. Will you help us reach our goal?

The community’s 94 units will consist of one- and two-bedroom apartments, and four-bedroom homes, providing over 100 residents with accessible and affordable housing. The gated community will be a one-way drive around neighborhood, and feature front-porch living, security cameras, onsite security with a direct line for residents, blue light emergency phones throughout, and textured front patio areas to help with transitioning for vision impaired residents. Walking and bike paths run throughout the community. Grounds will include an outdoor patio, BBQ area, green spaces, retail and coffee shop, and a park area inclusive of walking paths and an accessible playground.

To encourage self-determination for those with disabilities, each resident requiring independent living support will choose from a list of certified and vetted community residential providers for direct support services. On-site staff will provide concierge services to connect residents with service providers, community resources, state agencies, and family caregivers. This project will create a welcoming, inclusive lifestyle for people of diverse abilities. The community will include adults with and without disabilities, and provides living arrangements that will span the spectrum of people living independently without supports to residents that require a higher level of care, including 24-hour services from direct support professionals and nurses.

This new residential community is an excellent opportunity to philanthropically invest in our community by supporting the ability for people with disabilities to have safety, independence and a quality of life that they deserve. The donor’s support will be recognized through strategically placed signage, in addition to media announcements, and collateral that promote their involvement. For more information about the next step in independent living for people with diverse abilities, contact: Stacy Ostrau, VP of Philanthropy at 702.880.4080 or ostraus@opportunityvillage.org.