• graphic of a road with map pins in the shape hearts with the text 'a roadmap to transitioning to adulthood with cerebral palsy
    A Roadmap to Transitioning to Adulthood with Cerebral Palsy

    Cerebral palsy is a lifelong condition. So, for children with cerebral palsy, adulthood will present unique challenges but also new opportunities to live independently and thrive. With the support of their parents or guardians and community, the transition into adulthood

  • OV Spotlight: Ashlee Cooper, Manager of Advocacy & Government Affairs

    When it comes to nonprofit work, tracking state and federal policies is all in a day’s work for Ashlee Cooper, Manager of Advocacy & Government Affairs. With a diverse professional background in human services, supported living arrangements, teaching preschool, even

  • OV Spotlight: Christine Derringer, DSP Lead

    When Christine Derringer was little, she was amazed when she saw people helping others with disabilities. “Having had a disability myself, knowing the impact you can have on another person’s life,” she knew she wanted to help, too, someday. “I

  • four people making happy hand gestures with a brightly colored background and the text 'July is disability pride month'
    Why We Celebrate Disability Pride Month in July

    2024 marks the 24th anniversary of the passing of the Americans with Disabilities Act, a landmark piece of legislation that broke the barriers and opened the world to Americans with disabilities in 1990. The act went into effect on July

  • OV Spotlight: Lynda McCarthy, RN

    For Lynda McCarthy, retirement didn’t mean giving up nursing. Lynda, who turns 70 this year along with Opportunity Village, has been with the organization for just over four years. Not being interested in hospital nursing, she spent her 45-year career

  • image of two people packaging items in a warehouse, the text 'best special needs program, best of las vegas' in the foreground
    Best of Las Vegas: Award-winning Programs for People with Special Needs

    We’re honored to have won Gold in a contest with 9.9 million voters behind it — the Best of Las Vegas 2023 for programs that serve people with special needs. To that end, we’ve compiled a quick rundown of what

  • group of people in brightly colored shirts standing in a row in front of a window posing for the camera
    Everyone Wins With Disability Inclusion (and how you can help)

    Opportunity Village works tirelessly to provide opportunities, training, and resources to adults with disabilities. Since 1954, OV has shown true dedication to inclusion by providing disability resources that empower and support people with disabilities and their families. Inclusive environments include

  • Text that reads "7 things you may not know about autism" with yellow stars in the background
    7 Things You May Not Know About Autism

    Autism spectrum disorders are diverse, they’re complex, and they can be vastly different from person to person. For families, caregivers, and people with autism, learning some facts about autism can work to demystify the condition and create a clearer picture

  • What is the Difference Between Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities?

    While intellectual disabilities may be developmental disabilities, not all developmental disabilities are intellectual disabilities. Learning the difference between an intellectual and developmental disability can help caregivers and families better understand the needs of their loved ones and what opportunities may