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OV Nevada License Plate

Have you seen the OV Love Nevada license plate? It’s a beauty. Some are calling it the “Heart” license plate. 💙

Show your support with these special plates designed by Sharen G., one of our talented Opportunity Village artists.

Order your plates today at the DMV. It’s easy to request an OV Love license plate — in person or online.

We need to maintain 1,000 active registrations to keep our Nevada license plates in production. Will you help?

How to register your charity license plate:

In Person

Make an appointment at your local Department of Motor Vehicles


Request a charitable license plate when you register a new vehicle (even with an out-of-state purchase) or with your current motor vehicle registration renewal

Skip the Lines

Visit DMV Made Easy located at 8615 West Flamingo Rd.

Where are the proceeds going?

By simply registering or renewing your Nevada license plate, you can make a real difference with your registration fees.

Help people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in your local Las Vegas area to live a better, more fulfilling life.

Your registration fees help people:

  • develop job skills
  • obtain long-term work experience
  • learn marketable job skills
  • gain independence
  • increase self-esteem
  • broaden their community and social interactions.

Meet the artist behind your charity license plate: Sharen G.

Hailing from Long Island, NY, Sharen has called Las Vegas home for more than 25 years. She became involved with Opportunity Village over 10 years ago, and we’ve been having a blast together ever since.

To Sharen, Opportunity Village means good friends and a safe place to work on her art and dancing. She values the relationships she has with the staff and her peers.

Sharen enjoys bowling, dancing, and rooting for the Vegas Golden Knights and Silver Knights hockey teams. In quieter moments you’ll find her working on her iPad or watching TV.

Artist, Sharon, designing the artwork for the Opportunity Village charity license plate.

Share the love 💗

Once you’ve got these beauties on your car, we want to see them!

Use the hashtag #OvLovePlates or #PutMoreLoveOnTheRoad on Instagram.

We just love seeing them on the road.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between personalized plates and specialty plates?2022-09-22T08:24:01-07:00

Applying for a personalized plate allows you to choose your own message (i.e. the lettering on your plate). You can apply to the Department of Motor Vehicles with your chosen message and, if it’s approved, your plates will be made to order.

A specialty plate will have your message (which can also be personalized if you want), but the overall plate will have a different appearance.

A specialty plate has a purpose. It might be a charity license plate that supports a cause close to your heart, or a license plate for veterans or classic vehicles. A specialty plate can even support a particular organization you’re involved in such as Firefighters, Nevada National Guard, or Scouting.

And in case you were wondering, a license plate can be both a specialty plate and personalized. Many people choose to personalize their specialty plate, and so the term ‘personalized license plate’ is sometimes used interchangeably.

How much are OV Nevada license plates?2024-04-30T13:13:10-07:00

The total cost will depend on whether you choose a sequential or personalized message. The good news is that $25 of the initial fee and $20 of the renewal fee supports our work here at Opportunity Village.

Message Initial Fee* Renewal*
Personalized $96 $50
Sequential $61 $30

*Prices accurate as of May 9, 2022.

How long does it take to get OV Love plates?2024-04-30T13:13:55-07:00

DMV offices have sequential plates with the OV design in stock right now. Allow 8-9 weeks for your personalized plates to be manufactured. Do you want personalized plates, but need to drive in Nevada before the 8-9 weeks is up? No problem. You can apply in person at the DMV and they’ll give you a temporary movement permit.

How do I get an OV plate?2024-04-30T13:12:29-07:00

Ordering plates is a relatively simple process in Nevada. If you want a sequential message, OV specialty plates are now in stock at DMV offices. Head into your local branch to get your charity license plate.

There are a few more steps if you want to personalize your message. In Nevada, you can order personalized license plates:

  • in person
  • by mail
  • by fax
  • online

First, check for personalized plate availability online. This helps ensure you don’t order plates that are already taken. And if you want to use online services, that’s where you start.

If you want to order them in person, by fax or by mail, you need to get yourself an Application SP 66 (PDF) form. Then it’s just a matter of filling it out and making the appropriate payment.

Still have questions about how to get your own OV specialty plate? Learn more about your ordering options through the DMV.

Meet the people you’re helping

Man participating in a disability services program at Opportunity Village.

Meet Carlos and hear about the impact Opportunity Village has on his life.

Woman participating in a disability services program at Opportunity Village.

Meet Lia and better understand how your donation improves her life.