Best of Las Vegas: Award-winning Programs for People with Special Needs

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Published On: May 31, 2024

We’re honored to have won Gold in a contest with 9.9 million voters behind it — the Best of Las Vegas 2023 for programs that serve people with special needs.

To that end, we’ve compiled a quick rundown of what makes our disability services special. Here’s how we do it, why it matters, and how you can get involved.

What Is the Best of Las Vegas contest?

The Best of Las Vegas recognizes organizations, local businesses and nonprofits for their outstanding contributions and services to the community. Voted by the public, winning this award signifies excellence, dedication, and a strong connection with the Las Vegas Valley.

More About the Category

This gold award was voted on for our specific programs serving people with special needs. It’s a big field with many people who benefit from these vital disability services. In the Best of Las Vegas contest, we also won gold as Best Nonprofit.

What Exactly Do Our Programs Offer?

Our programs enrich, empower and equip those we serve to become job-ready, confident and more independent. We help remove barriers preventing people from finding and keeping gainful employment and—importantly—assist families in accessing quality support.

We offer the people we serve choices in how and where they receive services and what future path they’d like to take.

You can choose from a range of disability services because we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Here are some of them.

  1. Workforce development
  2. Day habilitation
  3. Youth and student services
  4. Arts and recreation
  5. Independent living

Now, let’s take a closer look at each program.

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1. Workforce Development

Workforce development programs support you in learning life and job skills, finding employment, and earning a living to lead more integrated lives.

Our programs include:

  • Individual and group coaching that helps you to build job and life skills.
  • Class-time instruction from experienced trainers.
  • On-the-job training and paid work experience.
  • Progressive programs that start at an entry level and transition into advanced vocational training.

Each program provides the framework to build job and life skills, learn with on-the-job training, get paid work experience, and find a pathway to work.

Within our workforce development services, we offer various services to suit differing needs. Our pre-vocational services help you learn the skills needed to find employment and earn a living.

Our tailored employment services include assessments and job development. Within this program, we identify and break down barriers preventing participants from entering the workforce. We assess each person individually to understand what simple modifications or accommodations are needed. As a result, participants can perform in their jobs at the same level as people without disabilities.

Read more about our award-winning workforce development programs.

2. Day Habilitation

Our day habilitation programs focus on personal development. They include teaching to develop social and life skills, with the ultimate aim of enhancing participants’ quality of life. We have two care options available.

  • PRIDE: serves people with very profound physical and intellectual disabilities who require 24-hour care and supervision.
  • Enable: supports people with severe intellectual and physical disabilities, allowing each to participate in various activities and rehabilitative initiatives.

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3. Youth and Student Services

Our youth and student services give young people the tools and opportunities to grow and learn. These fun and comprehensive programs improve future outcomes for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

  • Operated in collaboration with the Clark County School District, our Job Discovery Program is a work-readiness program for high school students. The program supports students with disabilities in gaining work experience. The ultimate aim is to become employed with a competitive wage.
  • Our Very Important Arts program is for people aged 3-22. Taught by qualified Music and Movement Mentors, participants enjoy creative expression through art, music, dance and more, working in both solo and group settings. The program enhances cognitive and social development and encourages participants to stay active.

4. Arts and Recreation

Our arts and recreation programs are a chance to have loads of fun. The programs encourage creative and performing arts endeavors for people of all ability levels. Some benefits include:

  • Promoting self-expression.
  • Social interaction in a fun environment.
  • Developing peer relationships.

5. Independent Living

We are creating much-loved independent living communities where people can live active and engaging lives and reach their full potential. Betty’s Village is a place to find pride, enjoyment, and participation.

Hear From Our Participants

We’ve had 70 years to hone our services into truly life-changing programs. Here’s what David, Daniel, Roger, and Steven have to say about their experiences with us.

How to get involved

Our award-winning programs do more than develop skills or provide employment — they offer a pathway to a more enriching life. Not sure where to start? Visit the How to Enroll page.

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