With A Dessie’s Table® CookieOVdough Fundraiser you’re making things sweet all around.

Empower people with disabilities and raise money!


Receive everything that you need to raise money for your organization in a simple, delicious package! Opportunity Village created Dessie’s Table® for organizations like yours to raise money through an all-in-one, easy fundraising package.

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Opportunity Village logo with text 'empowering, employing and serving people with disabilities'.

As a division of Opportunity Village, a portion of each Dessie’s Table® cookie purchase goes directly toward helping people with disabilities find the very best version of themselves. Together, we are successfully empowering, employing, and serving people with disabilities – positively impacting lives.


Partner with Opportunity Village to raise money for your organization and empower, employ, and serve people with disabilities. You will receive an all-in-one fundraising package, including:

  • A helpful support team
  • Brochure, QR code and website landing page
  • Free packaging and labeling
  • Pre-packaged cookie dough, fresh from Dessie’s Table® with a long shelf life (2 weeks in the fridge and 12 months in the freezer)
  • Packaging and labels

Five Flavors to Discover

Chocolate Chunk

It’s a perennial favorite for a reason – think chocolate chip cookies but double the chocolate. These chocolate delights will have you harking back to the ovens of your childhood.

Oatmeal Raisin

Crumbly and textured, these oatmeal raisin cookies have a habit of disappearing seconds after you put them on the table.

Sugar Cookie

Classic but never boring, our sugar cookies make for a simple but sumptuous treat your guests may find surprisingly good.

Double Chocolate

What could be better than chocolate? Double chocolate cookies! And these best-selling chocolatey classics don’t disappoint.

Peanut Butter

What’s the only thing more satisfying than your first bite of these peanut butter cookies? When you realize there’s enough on the table for you to have another.

Who is Dessie?

As a mom raising a child during the 1950s, Dessie Bailey was part of a small group of parents who were determined to provide resources for their children who were born with disabilities. Through their dedication, Opportunity Village was born. Today, her mission lives on through Dessie’s Table®. Every dollar we raise helps to empower, employ, and serve people with disabilities.

Why Buy?

When you purchase Dessie’s Table® Cookies, not only will you enjoy a delicious treat, you will make a difference for people with disabilities. Proceeds from every single Dessie’s Table® purchase go directly toward Opportunity Village’s mission of empowering, employing, and serving people with disabilities.

Ready To Get Started?

Start by contacting us below. You can also call us at 702-880-4040 if you have any questions.

Thank you for positively impacting the lives of thousands of people with disabilities.