Sean’s Park – An Accessible Playground

Sean’s Park is a 2.5-acre accessible playground designed for Southern Nevadans with intellectual disabilities.

Sean’s Park is a 2.5-acre private accessible playground, designed to provide ample opportunity for recreation and education for adults with disabilities.

Created in collaboration with many community partners, Sean’s Park features many amenities to be explored with all its aspects designed to be inclusive. It’s a space for building relationships and spending time with peers, developing hobbies, having fun, and learning new skills.

OV participants and park visitors get to enjoy sunshine, green grass, and lush landscaping within the gated park walls.

The park features air-conditioned restrooms, a first aid station, and misters throughout to keep all visitors cool and safe.

Here are the unique features of our accessible park

Three people standing on a football field.
Mallet and xylophone.

Sensory Exploration Area

The sensory exploration area features a xylophone, drums, and an interactive light up music game. This area is meant as a space to engage in sensory stimulation and enjoy the sights and sounds of music.

Accessible ramp on an accessible playground equipment set.

Adaptive Playground

The adaptive playground features traditional playground elements, along with adaptive counterparts for all to enjoy. There is a wheelchair-accessible glider, adaptive monkey bars, and ramps to explore pathways within the jungle gym.

Soft mounds on the ground at an accessible playground in Las Vegas.


The squishy texture of the moonwalk allows visitors to practice balance and coordination, jumping from moon rock to moon rock, in a safe environment.

A Liberty swing at an accessible playground in Las Vegas.

Liberty Swing

Our accessible playground has 1 of the 3 Liberty Swing’s in Southern Nevada. The Liberty Swing allows for people with mobility challenges to have the full swing experience. The swing safely holds visitors in wheelchairs, allowing them to experience a maximum swing height.

Shuffle board play area at an accessible playground for adults in Las Vegas, NV.

Shuffleboard and Bowling

The shuffleboard court doubles as a bowling lane and provides visitors a chance to work on gross motor skills while playing leisurely games with friends.

Person holding a large, pet tortoise.

Tortoise Habitat

Sean’s Park is home to Tulip the Tortoise, OV’s own desert tortoise who was adopted in 2021. OV participants take care of Tulip throughout the year, learning how to feed her and care for her habitat.

Basketball court at an adaptive playground for adults in Las Vegas.


For those who like to play some ball, Sean’s Park offers both a traditional basketball hoop and funnel ball hoop as well. Balls provided.

Mini golf course at an accessible playground for adults in Las Vegas.

Mini Golf

18 holes of mini golf offers the opportunity to work on wayfinding and working on hand-eye coordination. Golf clubs and balls provided.

Seedlings being planted at a community garden.

Garden Beds

Various OV Program participants care for the many raised garden beds, rotating seeds throughout the year and learning to care for different plants and vegetables. Throughout the process, participants learn how to grow food from scratch and use what they’ve grown to make healthy meals.

Clay figurines made by people at Opportunity Village.

Picnic Area

The picnic area features lots of space to gather and share a meal, with wheelchair accessible picnic tables. Display cases show off a small gallery of artwork from OV’s fine art program.

Gazebo at Sean's Park accessible playground for adults in Las Vegas.


The gazebo offers a large, shaded area for gatherings and activities. It’s outfitted with lighting and power and often hosts group games and dance parties.

Yellow street sign displaying the word "play" at an accessible playground.

Walking Paths

Walking paths all around Sean’s Park provide a space for learning healthy habits and going for walks. The park also features a live public street crosswalk at its entrance to teach pedestrian safety skills.

Our address:

Opportunity Village – Engelstad Campus – 6050 S. Buffalo Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89113

Is the park open to the public?

The park is private.

Do I need to bring my own basketballs, golf clubs or other recreational equipment?

No, we provide the balls, clubs and other equipment so you can fully enjoy the playground.