Everyone Wins With Disability Inclusion (and how you can help)

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Published On: May 24, 2024

Opportunity Village works tirelessly to provide opportunities, training, and resources to adults with disabilities. Since 1954, OV has shown true dedication to inclusion by providing disability resources that empower and support people with disabilities and their families.

Inclusive environments include everyone. Opportunity Village is here to provide advice and guidance in creating these inclusive spaces throughout all aspects of life.

Understanding Disability Inclusion

According to the CDC, disability inclusion is a form of what is called “health equity”. Disability inclusion refers to a leveling of the playing field; ensuring people with disabilities have the same opportunities to learn, work, play, and enjoy as everyone else. This means creating environments where people with disabilities or different abilities are valued, heard, respected, and included!

The benefits of disability inclusion are numerous and include:

  • Workplaces gain access to a wider pool of talent by participating in inclusion programs or offering inclusion services.
  • Families can enjoy experiences together when spaces are made inclusive for people with all levels of ability.
  • Disability inclusion offers strength through different viewpoints. For instance, businesses are given access to perspectives they may never have otherwise had by being inclusive to those who face barriers or challenges others may never face.
  • When businesses invest in creating inclusive environments, their services or attractions become more marketable. They’re able to sell or provide services to a wider range of people and attract those who value a compassionate and inclusive environment. Simply, an inclusive environment lets customers know that no person is left out by their business, and all are equally valued.

Inclusion In Everyday Life

Disability inclusion in everyday life has a direct impact on the quality of life any person with a disability will experience. For families and friends of people with disabilities, ideas for better inclusion in everyday life include:

Social activities

Inclusive social activities are those that everyone in a family or a group can enjoy.

Accessible parks in and around the Las Vegas area such as Red Rock Canyon, with van-accessible and wheelchair-accessible trails, make for a beautiful day out enjoying nature.

Accessible movie nights that include special provisions for those with disabilities like sensory-friendly lighting or captions can be found at major chain theaters in the area such as AMC. The Smith Center offers a sensory-friendly theater experience for families.

Group outings with transportation allow people with disabilities to enjoy experiences with their peers. For affordable and simple inclusive social activities, you can even throw your own inclusive backyard barbecue.

The Las Vegas area offers plenty of interesting and exciting inclusive activities for any sort of experience a person may wish to have.

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According to Harvard University, hobbies are a key component to a happy and healthy life. Adults with disabilities are no exception.

Disability inclusion with hobbies may look like exploring geocaching on accessible trails, joining a book club, taking music classes, learning to garden, or enjoying a day out on the water.


Disability inclusion and travel simply takes a little extra planning.

Experiencing new things and seeing new places enriches all lives, and when planning travel for people with disabilities trip planners can have a stress-free experience by knowing what bases to cover. These include checking for accessible accommodations, advanced meal planning, mapping out proximity to medical care, and researching inclusive activities.

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Community spaces

While there are many accessible community spaces in and around Las Vegas, there is still a way to go in terms of spreading disability inclusion everywhere.

Families can advocate for accessible design in their local parks, emphasize the importance of inclusive language, and ask for disability services to continue to improve their local communities for people with disabilities.

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Inclusion In The Workplace

Disability inclusion in the workplace benefits all parties – workers with disabilities and the companies who hire them.

Diverse hiring practices ensure that companies are exposed to all perspectives when it comes to their workforce, and therefore recognize the challenges their employees and customers may face. This enables them to better reach and provide for the communities they serve.

Additionally, brands that value diversity in hiring open up their own talent pool to gain access to the various talents these workers bring to the table.

Workplace accommodations work to bring about a more inclusive workplace environment. These may include flexible work arrangements, the ability to work with a one-on-one vocational coach, assistive technology, and other accommodations that help workers with disabilities to succeed to their full potential.

OV’s workforce development programs help those with developmental disabilities to integrate into the workforce and lead more independent and fulfilling lives.

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Supporting Disability Inclusion

Being an ally for people with disabilities starts with education. According to the CDC, becoming an A.L.L.Y means:

A – Acknowledge and respect different experiences and abilities.
L – Learn about different disability types.
L – Leverage your influence to promote disability inclusion.
Y – Yield the floor to people with disabilities to discuss and identify different barriers.

Anyone can help to advocate for better disability inclusion and disability services within their communities.

You can write to local government officials about incorporating inclusive designs into public spaces, you can prioritize inclusive businesses, you can push to include the voices of people with disabilities in conversation and volunteer with local organizations that work with people of different abilities.

Creating inclusive environments benefits everyone, and anyone can become an advocate for people with disabilities within their community.

Starting today, you can support organizations like Opportunity Village to make lasting impacts on communities everywhere.

Our disability services are inclusive for all young people and adults with developmental disabilities, from workplace programs to education, and even arts and recreation services. We have ways you can get involved and make a difference right alongside us.

To find out more about creating inclusive environments within the Las Vegas area and beyond, learn and connect with us at Opportunity Village here.

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