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Job Discovery Program 

The Job Discovery Program is a work-readiness program operated jointly by Opportunity Village and the Clark County School District. The Job Discovery Program is targeted at students with disabilities who have been referred for vocational training in a natural working environment with an outcome of being competitively employed. 

The program runs for six hours per day and adheres to school district holidays and scheduling. Training does continue throughout summer. 

Who is ready for JDP?

A student who... 

- Is currently enrolled in CCSD with a current IEP and is credit ready to graduate with an Option 2 diploma

- Has demonstrated regular attendance

- Is independent with his/her nutritional, hygiene and medical needs

- Demonstrates the ability to stay in an assigned work area and stay on task with minimal assistance

JDP Work Sites

The Job Discovery Program is comprised of multiple, varied training sites where participants are given the opportunity to develop and improve their vocational skills in several areas. 


Job Discovery Program Success Stories:

Eric has taken the opportunity to learn in stride. He experienced different types of vocational experiences through Opportunity Village’s Job Discovery Program and then joined Job Discovery Program II to continue his training at Heritage Park Senior Facility. He has learned food sanitation service skills as well as bussing and customer service skills in the cafeteria.                                                                                                                                                                        
Eric impressed the Kitchen and Cafeteria management at Heritage Park so much during his work-training time in JDP, he was invited to apply for an employment position! Eric is now earning minimum wage working as a City of Henderson employee, doing what he loves best - serving Seniors in their dining facility. Eric’s employment site is very close to his home in southern Henderson.  

Eric brings a high level of competency that he learned through Job Discovery along with his charming personality to his employer. He enjoys working on a team with others and enjoys different environments. These are attributes have helped  him succeed.

Nick was a high school student when he first experienced what Opportunity Village offers: an opportunity to learn life and job skills. In high school, Nick had limited opportunities for hands-on vocational education, and unlike many of his classmates, he did not have a career plan. Job Discovery changed that.

He learned valuable job and life skills through this unique education program that connects high school students with moderate to severe intellectual and related disabilities to hands-on service learning opportunities at local not-for-profit organizations. Nick learned while volunteering at St. Rose San Martin Hospital for two-plus years.

Now Nick is employed at Trader Joe’s, where he greets customers, stocks merchandise, helps customers with carry outs and much more. He is a sensitive, sincere young man who cares about others and loves to make customers feel welcome. Opportunity Village continues to encourage Nick by providing follow along services with a job coach that visits him and his supervisors. Opportunity Village is committed to his success.