Richard is one of the Opportunity Village PaperPros. He takes pride in his work and is very welcoming to others. Richard’s dream is to one day buy a house and decorate it with Elvis memorabilia.

OV Client Richard, Opportunity Village PaperPros Team Member

"One takeaway from my time at opportunity Village was seeing how inspirational it is working with our clients as I witnessed their talents and dedication to their work firsthand. I truly enjoy how when I walk on any OV campus I feel welcomed and important within the community."

OV Intern Alysia

"My job is special because I get to engage with the best of Las Vegas - the people who support a mission they care about in any way they can and are truly, sincerely enthusiastic about doing so. There are so many paths to have direct & positive impact on the people we serve."

Francesca Fulciniti, Manager of Sales, Sponsorship & Corporate Outreach

Nick has been at Opportunity Village for five years and currently works in the Employment Resource Center at our Engelstad Campus. He was a Job Discovery Program participant and has also worked in the kitchen. Nick loves having fun and meeting new friends. 

OV Client Nicholas, OV Ambassador & Employment Resource Center employee

"What would we do without Opportunity Village? It's just so nice and sweet what everyone does here. Everyone wants to help."

OV Client Louis, Opportunity Village Custodial Crew Team Member

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