Best of Las Vegas: Award-Winning Workforce Development Program

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Published On: April 12, 2024

Which Workforce Development program was named voted silver in Best of Las Vegas for 2023?

You guessed correctly – it was Opportunity Village’s!

We’re honored to have won silver in a contest with 9.9 million voters behind it. To that end, we’ve compiled a quick rundown of what makes our workforce development programs so special.

Here’s how we do it, why it matters, and how you can get involved.

What is the Best of Las Vegas contest?

The Best of Las Vegas recognizes local businesses, organizations, and nonprofits for their outstanding contributions and services to the community. Voted on by the public, winning this award signifies excellence, dedication, and a strong connection with the Las Vegas Valley.

What’s a workforce development program for people with disabilities?

Workforce development programs help people learn job and life skills, find employment and earn a living to lead more integrated lives.

To be successful, people with intellectual or developmental disabilities should participate in a program that focuses on breaking down barriers preventing them from finding and keeping employment.

In our experience, simple modifications or accommodations are often needed. Then, a person with a disability can perform in their job at the same level as someone without disabilities.

Our programs include:

  • Individual and group coaching that helps program participants to build job and life skills.
  • On-the-job training and paid work experience
  • Class-time instruction from experienced trainers
  • Progressive programs that start at an entry level and transition into advanced vocational training

Each program provides the framework to build life and job skills, learn with on-the-job training, get paid work experience, and find a pathway to work.

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Types of workforce development services that we offer

We’ve had 70 years to hone our services into truly life-changing programs. Here are three services you can use to become job-ready and start living life more fully.

1. Student services

Giving young people the tools and opportunities to grow and learn improves the future outcomes of those with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

Job Discovery Program is a work-readiness program for high school students operated jointly by Opportunity Village and the Clark County School District. The program supports students with disabilities in gaining experience in a natural working environment. The ultimate aim is to become employed with a competitive wage.

2. Pre-vocational services

Our pre-vocational services help people learn the skills needed to find employment and earn a living. We have several programs to suit various needs.

  • Campus-based Training: Focus on building job and life skills with tailored coaching.
  • Pathway to Work: Utilize paid work experience to become job-ready with this community-based on-the-job training.
  • Entry: learn basic skills in this starter program, before moving into advanced vocational training programs or gaining paid employment.
  • Career Exploration Program: combine class-time instruction with community-based on-the-job training.

Each program provides the framework for becoming job-ready. Participants build life and job skills, undertake on-the-job training and get paid work experience.

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3. Employment services

Our tailored employment services include assessments and job development. Within this program, we identify and break down barriers preventing participants from entering the workforce.

We assess each person individually to understand what simple modifications or accommodations are needed. As a result, participants can perform in their job at the same level as a person without disabilities.

We offer two services:

  • Assessments: If you aren’t sure what job would be suitable, we can help. Our Assessments team has evaluated job readiness in Southern Nevada for over ten years.
  • Job Development Program: This program involves on-the-job training. We developed a teaching, placing and coaching framework to increase employability skills and boost confidence so that both the worker and the business benefit.

For these programs, we work with the Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation, Clark County School District, the Department of Veterans Affairs and several other community partners.

Why choose Opportunity Village?

Opportunity Village is a nonprofit organization that empowers people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their loved ones.

Our programs increase participants’ quality of life and reduce their chances of falling into homelessness and poverty.

Since 1954, we’ve been dedicated to helping people with disabilities find the very best version of themselves. Through community employment, workforce development, day services, housing, arts and social recreation, they can:

  • Find new friends
  • Realize future career paths
  • Seek independence and community integration
  • Unleash creative passions

Opportunity Village thrives with the funding from our signature events, social enterprises and the generous philanthropy of our community. Together, we successfully empower, employ, and serve people with disabilities — positively impacting lives.

Hear from our participants

Watch Steve speak about his experience with our program.

How to get involved

Our programs do more than just provide employment — they offer a pathway to a more enriching life. Not sure where to start? Visit the How to Enroll page.

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