8 Sensory Friendly Activities for Adults in Las Vegas

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Published On: November 22, 2023

There’s truly something exciting and engaging for everyone in and around Las Vegas.

Sensory friendly activities for adults with disabilities can be found for folks with all tastes, providing families with outings and adventures that everyone can enjoy equally.

Some of the most popular and highly rated sensory friendly activities for adults in Las Vegas include:

Lion Habitat Ranch

At Lion Habitat Ranch in Henderson, Nevada animal lovers can enjoy a sensory friendly experience with their Behind the Scenes Tour.

About 20 minutes outside of Las Vegas proper, the Ranch offers several different experiences guests can have from general admission to Feeding the Beasts, to this lower key tour that takes place outside of general public hours.

Reservations for the tour are required, and guests will be able to see just how the ranch operates on a day-to-day basis, how trainers feed and bathe animals, and may even be able to feed Ozzie the giraffe a treat if they wish. These private tours are guided by professional ranch trainers who explain and provide a history of the property while showing guests a different side of the park.

Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart

Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart is a famous art installation located inside AREA15 entertainment center in Las Vegas.

This immersive experience looks like a grocery store, but it’s filled with products you wouldn’t find in a typical store, hidden treasures, surreal landscapes, and new things to discover at every turn. Over 96% of Omega Mart staff are trained to cater to guests with ability differences or sensory needs. When traveling through Omega Mart, those with need can acquire sensory bags containing headphones, sunglasses, and soothing toys to make the experience comfortable and enjoyable.

Meow Wolf clearly outlines their commitment to accessibility and all accommodations at Omega Mart on their website, including a Pre-Visit Sensory Guide.

Download a printable sensory friendly calendar

Disney Immersive At Lighthouse Immersive Studios

There is no shortage of shows in Las Vegas, and this includes sensory friendly shows by Disney. These sensory friendly activities cater to all interests, including adults who just can’t get enough of classic Disney animation.

Sensory friendly viewings occur throughout the month, and tickets are required. During these showings guests will enjoy reduced sound volume, comfortable lighting with no blackouts, sensitivity warnings, quiet areas for any guests who may need a break from the show at any time, and a reduced capacity.

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Blue Man Group Sensory Friendly Performances

Blue Man Group puts on one of the most famous family-friendly shows in Las Vegas, and throughout the year they put on special events with a focus on different sensory needs.

During these sensory friendly performances, guests will be able to enjoy calming environments in the theater lobby for any breaks that may be needed throughout the show, limited audience interaction, ear protection available upon request, and reduced light and sound during the show.

Blue Man Group hosts these shows to benefit Autism focused charities nationally and throughout the Las Vegas area. And, Blue Man Group is a co-Grand Marshal for the 2023 Las Vegas Great Santa Run, further cementing their commitment to people with disabilities in our community.

Sensory Inclusive Events At The Smith Center

The Smith Center is dedicated to providing engaging and entertaining theater experiences to all guests.

Their ongoing inclusive performance series is designed to provide a comfortable and enjoyable theater outing to guests with different sensory needs. Sensory-friendly changes to performances may include relaxed theater etiquette rules, established quiet areas for when patrons need a break during their visit, supportive staff, modification of house lights and sounds, ability to use mobile devices for communication, and assistance from certified volunteers.

These shows happen throughout the year, so families looking for sensory friendly activities for adults will need to keep their eyes on their calendar to catch these performances as they are scheduled.

Sensory Sensitive Sundays At Chuck E. Cheese

While Chuck E. Cheese is primarily targeted toward kids, games and pizza can make for a fun afternoon for people of all ages.

Sensory Sensitive Sundays feature reduced noise, reduced lighting, and sensory-friendly arcade games guests can enjoy in a comfortable and inclusive environment. Sensory Sensitive Sundays are reserved for the first Sunday of each month and take place for the two hours before traditional opening hours.

row of three arcade games

The Dollar Loan Center

Home to the Silver Knights, Vegas Knight Hawks, and the NBA G League Ignite, The Dollar Loan Center offers sensory friendly options for families who want to take in a great game, show, or concert. The venue partners with Kulture City to provide an inclusive environment for all guests.

Guests coming to The Dollar Loan Center for a show or game have access to the Sensory Room, which is furnished with soft furniture, tactile activities, and quiet time for a tranquil cool-down space. The Guest Services station at the arena offers Kulture City sensory bags equipped with noise canceling headphones, calming toys, and other comfort items.

Adaptive Recreation

The Adaptive Recreation program of Las Vegas offers sensory friendly programs, activities, and opportunities for children to adults with different abilities all throughout the Las Vegas area. Memberships may include gym passes, adaptive day program passes, and outdoor recreation passes that allow for easy sensory friendly activities for those of all ages and different abilities.

two hands rolling colored dough on a table.

Sensory Friendly At Home

Individuals and families don’t have to venture out to have a good time in a sensory friendly way in Las Vegas. Some ideas for sensory friendly activities that can be enjoyed at home include:
· Play dough stations.
· Sensory boxes that include rice, sand, dry beans, slime, beads, or any other ingredients that may be deemed soothing or interesting by the individual.
· Scratch and sniff painting using water and Jello powder to create at-home scented watercolor “paint”

Opportunity Village’s Arts & Recreation services include sensory-friendly activities that allow adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities to explore different skills and hobbies in a fun and inclusive way. Arts & Recreation is just one of the many programs and activities that can be explored at Opportunity Village.


Download a printable sensory friendly calendar

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