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Day in the Life of Vice President of Finance

Published On: October 20, 2022Categories: Staff & Board
Employee of non profit organization, Opportunity Village in Las Vegas.

A HUGE congratulations to Cathy Hanna on her promotion to Vice President of Finance!

With incredible energy and a caring spirit, Cathy is inspired to fulfill the OV mission and build a dedicated team.

“Cathy’s demonstrated leadership in budgeting and building a supportive team; these are incredible traits to have in a financial leader,” shared Bob Brown, OV President & CEO. “Employees came back and wanted to work for her. It speaks volumes about who she is as a leader.”

Cathy is dedicated to ensuring that OV funds are stewarded in a financially-sound way. With a heightened strategic focus in her new role, Cathy will expand OV’s community focus and leverage partnerships with other nonprofits.

Her favorite things outside of OV is spending time with her family. Cathy enjoys camping and going to the movies with her family. She and her husband are very proud of their daughter’s acceptance to a university with a full tuition scholarship. Cathy’s Japanese heritage and military upbringing has instilled the qualities she lives by every day.

We invite you to join Cathy and the OV team! Learn more about an opportunity to make a difference.

Opportunity village was founded in 1954 by seven families who were determined to give their children with disabilities the best lives possible. Now, Opportunity Village is one of the most recognized and respected organizations of its type in the US. They are Nevada’s largest employer of people with disabilities and serve over 3,000 individuals annually, providing vocational training, employment, habilitation and social recreation programs and services that improve their lives.

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